Networking Through Building Rapport: A Recruiter’s Guide

Four professionals talking with each other at a networking eventNetworking is a buzzword that is widely talked about today. But what does it mean and where do you begin? To build your networking skills, the answer lies in establishing rapport. Building trust and establishing strong communication through rapport is vital for forming meaningful and productive relationships. As a seasoned recruiter, where relationship-building is a crucial aspect of the job, I’ve honed the art of rapport-building over time. Though, it’s a journey that requires constant evolution. In this article, I aim to share some tips for networking though building rapport, as well as some additional suggestions to get you off to a strong start.

  1. Share personal anecdotes or experiences. Ask about similar experiences the other person may have had, such as visiting a city or visiting a certain destination.
  2. Ask for recommendations. If you’re planning a trip to the other person’s city or state, ask for their top recommendations.
  3. Discuss food and local hotspots. Ask about popular restaurants and whether they live up to the hype.
  4. Ask about the other person’s background. Find out what brought them to their current city or state.
  5. Offer advice and guidance. If the other person has a family member who is interested in a certain profession, offer any advice you may have about this profession.
  6. Discuss work experiences. Ask about the other person’s current or former company, or if they have any experience working in a different field.
  7. Show interest in their language skills. If the other person is fluent in a second language, ask how they use it in business or while traveling.
  8. Ask about career transitions. Find out about their experience transitioning from one field to another.
  9. Discuss their career path. Ask if they have always wanted to work in their current field.
  10. Show interest in their volunteer work. Ask about the organization they are involved with and how they got started there.
  11. Ask about their reading interests. If the other person is interested in a certain topic, ask if they have read any books on the subject.
  12. Seek recommendations for resources. Ask for their favorite blogs or websites related to their profession.
  13. Show interest in their company culture. Ask about events their company hosts and if they attend or are involved in them.
  14. Discuss technology and productivity tools. Ask about apps they use to stay organized and if they have any recommendations.
  15. Plan for the future. Ask about their plans for work trips or vacations in the future.
  16. Share your interests and insights. Mention a blog post or article you read on their company’s website and ask for their thoughts on the subject.

Overall, building rapport is the key to networking and this is done by establishing a common interest, hobby, thought, or simply sharing knowledge. To continue building the relationship, ask open-ended questions to build rapport and encourage conversation. Whether you’re simply connecting with other professionals or searching for your next position, these tips will help you on your journey to becoming an expert networker. The most important piece is to remember to actively listen to what they have to say and show empathy. Now get out there and start networking!


About the Author – Carrie Longmire

Photo of Carrie Longmire, a TCG Recruiting DirectorAs a servant minded and seasoned Human Resources professional with over 15 years of experience in all aspects of Human Resources. Carrie is a dedicated to and passionate about helping others achieve their professional goals. She understands the importance of a fulfilling career and how it greatly impacts one’s overall well-being and happiness.

Carrie takes the time to truly understand the needs and desires of those she works with, going beyond simply placing them in a job, but rather assisting them in achieving fulfillment in all aspects of their lives through the development and enhancement of their career. Her approach is service focused, personal, and “high touch.” She takes the time to build strong rapport with each individual to ensure the best possible career match.

Carrie utilizes her broad experience and expertise within Human Resources to assist organizations find top Human Resources talent. Her in-depth understanding of the Human Resources function allows her to effectively identify and connect organizations with HR professionals whose skills, experience, expertise and values align, in order to drive success and support the overall mission of the organization.

As a member of the elite executive recruitment team at The Christopher Group, one of the nation’s leading HR Executive Search and Staffing Solutions firms, Carrie has the resources and expertise to help both organizations and HR professionals throughout the United States, Canada & Mexico find the best fit for their needs.

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