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“The Christopher Group (TCG) has been an excellent partner in identifying top talent that not only possess the necessary skills, but also embody the organization’s values and culture. Their team takes the time to truly understand your organization and the type of candidate that will thrive within your environment. They have placed several candidates for me across different industries, each of whom has excelled in their respective roles and quickly become an integral part of the team. I highly recommend TCG to any organization looking for top HR talent.”

Pete Leddy
EVP & CAO, Maravai Life Sciences

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Founded in 1998, The Christopher Group (TCG) has become one of the nation’s largest and most respected boutique HR executive search firms and HR direct recruiting firms.

As an HR direct staffing agency, we specialize in the sourcing, assessment, and placement of the highest performing HR professionals where there are succession or critical implications, whether that is Chief Human Resources Officers (CHROs), VPs of HR, Directors, Managers, or Analysts responsible for a key function or project. We can provide HR executive placement services for the positions your company needs most. Our human resources direct hire staffing process helps put the most qualified individuals in these positions through executive placement services, ensuring you find the right talent efficiently and effectively.

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Average Diversity Mix* Across All Searches 

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A Superior Executive Search Experience


*People of Color & Women. When removing women, 75% of the slates have ethnically diverse candidates.

Our leadership team is comprised of former HR leaders from the world’s best HR organizations, such as Pepsi, GE, Merrill-Lynch, Raytheon, Dell, Microsoft, Citi Bank, and others. They came together to create a far superior executive search experience. Trust our experts at TCG HR direct staffing agency to assist your company just as we’ve assisted numerous others with our direct hire services.

At the core of what makes our contained HR executive recruitment agency unique, is the Christopher Recruiting System (CRS). CRS is a critically acclaimed and market-proven approach designed from the discerning HR leader’s vantage point who is seeking the highest performing executive-level human resources staffing talent. Our system includes:

  • Made-To-Order HR Targeted Search
  • Industry Leading HR Placement & Diversity Metrics
  • 4-point Assessment Model
    • Position-Specific Candidate Bio
    • Search Specific, Measurable Competency Model
    • Candidate/Chemistry Assessment Tool
    • High-Definition Recorded Video Interviews

5 Ways HR Leaders Can Boost Employee Engagement

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Our Recruiting & Hiring Process


At The Christopher Group (TCG), we are committed to identifying and placing the best HR talent in executive leadership positions. Our executive recruiters use a comprehensive, multi-step approach to ensure that we find qualified candidates who not only meet but exceed your expectations.

Detailed Position Analysis

We gain an in-depth understanding of your company’s needs and business objectives, and we work closely with your team to define the specific skill sets and competencies required for the role.

Candidate Sourcing

We leverage our industry expertise to source the best talent across various industries. With advanced search techniques, our talent acquisition specialists identify candidates who excel in all areas of the candidate profile.

Evaluation Process

Our human resources recruiters conduct in-depth assessments to ensure the right fit for each and every role. All candidates are thoroughly vetted and pre-qualified for your consideration.


Our involvement doesn’t just stop at interviewing candidates; we work closely with you and the candidate throughout the interview, negotiation, and onboarding process.

Direct Placement Experts

Many successful organizations have built their HR teams with our executive placement services. We deliver candidates who are not only skilled but are also great leaders. They take your business to the next level by improving employee engagement and contributing to organizational development.

Value. Performance. Results


Executive HR recruiting services provide companies with access to an extensive network of top HR talent, ensuring the best candidates for executive-level positions are identified and placed. An experienced executive search firm brings market research, a proven recruitment process, and industry expertise to every search. We offer a commitment to diversity, a thorough assessment of candidates, and a track record of successful placements that drive business growth and organizational success.

Discover the difference of working with one of the nation’s most respected HR executive search firms. We connect companies with top talent through a seamless and innovative process. Schedule a consultation with TCG‘s team today and let us help you achieve your business goals!

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