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Interim HR Leaders

“The Christopher Group leverages a well-evolved operational model that ensures quality candidates are presented in a timely, orderly and disciplined fashion.”

G. Wayne Davis

SVP, Human Resources – Technology and Product Development, Comcast

Executive Interim HR Leaders


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For many organizations, the loss of a key executive or department head can be panic-inducing.

Leaving a leadership vacancy open places the organization at risk of deteriorating financial, operational, and human capital outcomes. However, executives also can’t afford to gamble at the expense of a poor hire due to a hurried decision on a permanent leader.

The financial implications of an executive vacancy are extremely high. The loss of a Chief Human Resource Officer typically costs in excess $1.5 million annually—and to make matters worse; competitors often use the turnover to try to acquire high performing talent. In spite of the challenges it presents, a leadership void doesn’t have to be a liability. Rather, it is an ideal opportunity to leverage a skilled interim HR leader who can expertly fill the critical gap. Innovative companies are finding that their organizations can experience positive growth—and maintain operational efficiencies through the strategic use of high-performing executive interim human resource leaders.

The deployment of HR interim leaders has increased nine-fold within the last six years and has accelerated in the 2020 COVID environment. Lean HR models have left Human Resource practitioners with little time to assume an additional role especially in the case of a Director level or above leadership void or key functional role. Openings at the human resource director level and above frequently take four to six months or more to fill—roughly double the time required as recently as 2015.

An interim HR leader who expertly “fills the gap” to keep the department functioning until a permanent leader can be determined is a logical solution for the short term. Human Resource executives are increasingly discovering that the use of top-performing interim leaders is an effective strategy for improving their business.

Finding the Right Interim Leadership Solution

Our Recruiting Services Division borrows heavily from the systems, tools, and processes of our Targeted Search Product.  At the core of what makes our Interim HR Search Firm unique, is the Christopher Recruiting System (C.R.S). Currently, in version 9.0, C.R.S is a critically acclaimed and market-proven approach designed from the discerning HR leader’s vantage point who are seeking the highest performing executive-level human resources talent including:

  • Made-To-Order HR Interim Search
  • Industry Leading HR Placement & Diversity Metrics
  • 2-point Assessment Model:
    • TCG Candidate Bio
    • Search Specific Measurable Competency and Chemistry Models
  • 100% Performance Guarantee
  • Interim leaders are employed by TCG, who manages their taxes, insurances, and withholdings
  • Quick Response Times – less than 14 Days

One Company’s Experience with Interim HR Leaders


Harsco Corporation decided to strategically change the direction of their company from the diversified industrial sector to the environmental solutions sector.  As a result, they made a significant divestiture and acquisition at virtually the same time.  The acquisition of approximately 2000+ employees came with zero HR headcount for a distributed national workforce.  Harsco looked to TCG’s interim solutions product to provide them with an entire HR field organization that was domiciled from the east coast to the west coast in under 2 weeks. The new HR team was able to get ahead of the on-boarding challenges because of our quick turnaround time and targeted sourcing.  Furthermore, the new company went on to hire all of the interim HR leaders that the R.S.D. provided as permanent  HR Managers and or HR Directors.  The client shared, “We could not be happier with the speed, agility, and quality that TCG provided.  The candidates were well vetted both for both the hard skills as well as chemical fit to the organization and the dynamic change rich environment that they joined.”

Our Interim HR Search Results:

  • We fill 79% of our completed searches in Slate I, 21% in Slate II.
  • We provide an 81% average diversity mix across all searches
  • We have less than 1% First Year Candidate Failure Rates
  • Average Interview-to-Hire Ratio:2:1
  • Average Offer-to-Acceptance-Rate: 99%
  • Average Days-to-Hire: <14 Days
  • Average Conversion Rate: 75%

Our Guarantees:

Our Interim HR Search Firm Performance Guarantee

Our Interim HR Search Firm Performance Guarantee

If TCG fails to deliver three profile fitting candidates for any search, we will refund any monies paid to date at the client’s request.

In 22+ years, we have not experienced a client requested refund. In short, if we fail to perform you pay nothing, as it should be.

Placement Guarantee

Placement Guarantee

We provide a full 6-month replacement guarantee for any TCG placed candidates.

For the last five years running, TCG has a less than 1% first-year candidate failure rate.

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