Strategic Partnerships

TCG Strategic Partnerships

At The Christopher Group, we place immense value on partnerships and collaborations. We understand the power of leveraging collective expertise and resources, which is why we have formed strategic alliances with top HR professionals and organizations. These partnerships enable us to provide the best human capital services to our clients. By working closely with our esteemed partners, we gain access to a vast network of industry knowledge and talent, allowing us to deliver tailored and high-quality solutions. Our commitment to collaboration ensures that our clients receive comprehensive and effective HR strategies that align with their unique needs. We take pride in fostering strong relationships and consistently strive for excellence in every aspect of our work. With our collaborative approach, we have become a trusted and reliable partner in the realm of human capital services.

At CHRO Solutions, we believe that small business is the backbone of our economy and that as an entrepreneur, you probably did not start your company to become an expert at HR.   The Good News is that we did! Our mission is to help business like yours Attract, Develop and Retain high performance teams using our simple HR Operating System This simple framework helps you to put standardized practices in place to make running your business easier. You no longer have to worry about people issues, attracting talent, developing your teams, retaining your best or if you are in compliance.

About Eric Torigian, CHRO Solutions Founder

Eric Torigian founded and leads the Business Operations and HR Advisory Practice for CHRO Solutions.  A strategic Global HR Executive who has served as the Chief HR Officer and other leadership roles for large companies like Ford, Pepsi, NBC/Universal and Comcast, Eric is recognized as a leader in the HR community with over 30 years of global experience driving organizational performance through strategic HR leadership and strong business partner relationships.  Eric’s passions include coaching individuals to leverage their strengths and aligning them with strategic opportunities to make an impact on the business.

Eric’s background includes solid people leadership experience, and he excels at aligning people processes with the needs of the business. He has demonstrated results leading human resources across multiple industries and always ensured that HR has a ‘seat at the table’. In addition, he has extensive tactical experience in conflict resolution, benefits administration, employee relations and contract negotiations.

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