Our Story & Founders

Agile Business Solutions Since 1998

In 1998, Paula and Tom Christopher embarked on a heartfelt journey, founding what would become more than just a business but a family legacy – The Christopher Group. Driven by a shared vision to transform HR Executive Search and the Business Solutions industry, they poured their passion into building a company that went beyond professional success; it became a testament to the strength of family bonds.

From the early days of their dream, Paula and Tom cultivated a workplace culture that wasn’t just about business transactions, but more of a culture where colleagues and clients became extended family. Through dedication, unwavering commitment, and the sheer will to wear failure out, Paula and Tom laid the foundation for an award-winning company that embraced both professional excellence and personal connection.

The first 25 years of The Christopher Group have been nothing less than a hero’s journey and have impacted the lives and families of so many within the HR community. Under Tom and Paula’s leadership TCG achieved many milestones including creating the award-winning Christopher Recruiting System, receiving Forbes prestigious America’s Best Recruiting Firm several times over, and Hunt Scanlon’s Top 50 US Recruiting Firms, amongst others.

Fast forward to 2023, Paula and Tom made the decision to pass the torch and embrace new challenges and business ventures through The Christopher Family Enterprise. Managing Partner, Nathaniel (Nat) Schiffer, long time employee and TCG family member, purchased The Christopher Group in April 2023. The transition wasn’t just a change in leadership; it symbolized the transfer of knowledge, continuation of values, and the ongoing persuit of professional excellence and continous improvement. 

As Nat assumed the role of Chief Executive Officer, he carried with him not just the responsibility of being a business leader but the weight of the TCG legacy. His journey was more than a career trajectory; it is a continuation of a comittment to excellence for the HR community, for all those who have ever worn the The Christopher Group’s badge, and especially the founders. 

Today, Nat leads TCG with the same passion and purpose the company was born with. Nat and his wife, Jeannie and their daughter, London, reside in Sarasota, Florida, embodying the values of connection, caring, and delivering excellence that have defined TCG from its inception.

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