TCG Recruiter Spotlight: Carrie Longmire

Role at TCG?

Recruiting Manager

Years at TCG?

3 Months

What do you love about being an executive recruiter?

When you ask people to describe me, many would say Carrie loves to talk A LOT and has a genuine desire to understand, learn about and help others.  I love what I do – because it allows me to connect with people throughout the country.  Many of which I would not have the opportunity being born, raised, and still living in North Dakota.  I have been blessed with a career in which it is my job to form close connections with people – people who have walked many different paths in life, people who have struggled and then triumphed, and people who are just awesome and genuine souls.  Their stories have touched my heart, opened my eyes, and completely changed my perspective on life as a whole.  I love going to sleep at night knowing that I played a small part in helping others live their best lives through career enhancement and or advancement.

What advice do you have for candidates?

The most important aspect in job search, career advancement search, or career enhancement search is to remain true to yourself.  Believe in yourself and who you are and be sure to tell your story.  In competitive markets where there are many talented individuals– having the ability to tell your story – who you are, how you got to where you are – what your values are, and how they align with the organization – this is going to set you apart from others and will help you to align with an organization that will enhance your life in many ways.

Must-Have Office Item?

Telephone – Coke Zero – Coffee

Favorite TCG Memory?

I haven’t been with TCG for long but was able to meet with the entire team at our offsite event in April.  I was thrown off a little at first – when everyone hugged me upon first greeting, especially having come from some rather stuffy work environments in the past.  But the welcoming and hugs are truly representative of the culture at TCG– a true work family.  Aside from this – but at the same off-site event, I was able to convince many of our team members to hit the stage and sing karaoke.  A truly fun experience – though my singing voice is likely much more pleasant in my head then reality and thinking about it now – perhaps I should apologize to them for this.

Fun Fact

I have two children – my son is 25 years old and my daughter is 5.  I had my son at 16 and my daughter at 35.  With my son people thought I was his sister and joked while pregnant with my daughter, that likely people would think I was her grandma.  Unfortunately, my joke became reality when at Target, a lady asked how old my grand daughter was.