How Do Human Resource Recruiters Help Your Company?


Regardless of the type of company you have, all businesses face similar issues that need constant attention. You’ll need proper marketing tactics, experienced accountants, and highly qualified human resource recruiters. Some CEOs and managers feel as though they can get by without having a human resource recruiter working on their behalf. This is considered a big mistake among many big players in various industries. With the many advantages of having recruiters for HR professionals, it can present a significant risk to operate without one. Here are a few reasons why human resource recruiters help a wide variety of companies.

Finding the Right Talent

The clearest and most obvious advantage of a human resources recruiter is their ability to find unique and qualified talent. While your other competitors are gambling on the resumes of candidates that just so happen to cross their path, an experienced human resource recruiter will dig deeper to find the right person for the job. Everyone knows that not all companies reflect the same values, customs, or culture. That’s why it’s important to have someone who goes above and beyond to pinpoint a pool of candidates that fit your company’s culture. This makes life easier for you and your potential employees.

Keeping the Right Talent

If your company has struggled with retention, bringing on a recruiter should be your next step before you hire anyone else. A human resource recruiter that’s working on your behalf will examine each candidate thoroughly before presenting them to you for final approval. This might include proficiency tests, personality tests, leadership tests, and other assessments to prove the candidate is a perfect fit. Human resource recruiters also know how to communicate how important commitment is to each potential employee. This strategy has been proven to increase your retention rates.


Save Time and Money

Of course, if your company is struggling with finding the right talent and keeping the right talent, you’re already aware of the fact that this is a waste of time and money. To hire an employee, train them, then lose them within the first year puts you and your company at a major disadvantage. On average, a company loses at least 30 percent of that person’s salary when situations like this occur during the first year of employment. If you’re losing between one to five employees a year, that adds up. Putting more care and research into the recruiting process helps you not only to save time but to save massive sums of money as well.

Recruiters Handle HR Issues

When you’re dealing with a committed staffing company that handles your recruiting, they don’t just disappear after the candidate is hired. If an issue arises that requires discipline or mediation, your human resource recruiter will step in to handle these situations. This gives you more time to deal with your business at hand. In addition, this can help with any awkward or uncomfortable issues that you, your human resource department, or your managers may not want to handle themselves.

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