Useful Tips for Headhunting Employees


It’s not always easy to find the right people to fill positions within your company. After all, you want someone who’s not only reliable and qualified but who also possesses the same vision and drive as your other top performers. As an HR headhunter, you can’t afford to go months in between filling positions. How do you find the right employee in a timely way? It’s all in the process.

Improve Your Pool

Before you begin searching for your next potential hire, take a look at how you’ve searched for candidates in the past. If you’ve relied heavily on ads or third-party job sites, it may be time to branch out a little bit. The best way to find quality employees is through referrals from other quality employees. You could even offer a referral incentive program to entice employees to recommend their friends and colleagues to apply. You may also consider building relationships with local universities to scope out future talent.

Look for Proven Successes

When searching for an employee for a specific position, you can’t afford to guess as to whether or not a person will be the right fit. It’s always better to hire a candidate that you know will perform well. Take a look at the resumes of the applicants. Past successes are predictors of the future. Only hire someone who has a proven track record of working hard and who has the potential to hit the ground running.

Look In-House

Instead of posting available positions externally, consider looking internally first. Hiring from your current staff is a great way to boost morale and motivate them to perform. If an employee knows that they have an opportunity to grow within a company, they’re much more likely to exceed expectations. When the morale of a company improves, employees are more likely to refer their friends to apply. It’s a cycle that promotes referrals and reduces turnover.

Remain Competitive

Take a look at your competitors. What are they offering their employees that you aren’t? When headhunting, you should be able to present a decent package to prospective candidates. If your benefits package, insurance coverage, and base salary are lower than others in the industry, you’ll have a hard time enticing applicants to make the switch over to your company.

Hire for Talent

There are plenty of people out there with the drive needed to work hard. That’s not all that matters, though. In fact, it’s better to hire based on intelligence and talent. Don’t base the hiring decision on what an employee could potentially bring to the table in future. Instead, focus on their strengths now. After they’re hired, it’s easier to build on their talent and improve your business.


Check References

When seriously considering an applicant, it’s always a good idea to check their references. It’s also a good idea to run a background check.

Being a human resources headhunter involves skill and knowledge. No matter which positions you’re hiring for, it’s always best to consult with the experts. Discover how The Christopher Group is revolutionizing the industry by visiting