Actions HR Recruiters Should Avoid in 2019

It’s easy to fill job openings, but it’s difficult to fill them with the right people. As a human resource recruiter, it’s your job to find applicants who will add value to the company and be a good match for the position. Sounds simple, right? While it may seem like an easy task to put the right people in the right places, it takes certain finesse. Many recruiters make mistakes that cost them the right employees. Take note of these common errors to ensure that you’re locating the best applicants out there.


Relying on Job Forums

There are plenty of third-party job sites out there that allow you to post jobs and field applicants. While it may seem like the best way to find candidates for a position, it really isn’t. Instead of relying on job forums to find applicants, turn to your network first. Hiring based on recommendations or referrals is a much easier way to find the right employee for the position. Those who are referred to a position are much more likely to exceed expectations once hired.


Avoiding Social Media

There are many niche markets out there. Many companies feel that their specific industry requires a certain level of experience that many applicants won’t possess. For that reason, they refrain from posting about job openings on social media. This eliminates an entire prospective pool of candidates. Use your network to try and find people who may be interested in the position. You never know who you’ll find.

Speeding Through Applications

The job market in 2019 is a strong one. As a recruiter, you may find dozens of qualified applicants for every position you’re trying to fill. Avoid speeding through the applications and interview processes. While it may seem easier to fill the position and quickly move on to the next endeavor, it’s much more important to find the right person for the right job. Take the time to connect with candidates on a personal level and determine whether or not they’re the perfect match.

Using Mass Emails

You may think that those copy-and-pasted e-mails are coming across as personal, but they’re not. If you’re using a generic e-mail to reach out to applicants, it’s time to stop. Instead, look for better ways to reach out. A phone call, personalized message, or quick meeting is the best way to get to know a job seeker. It not only shows that you’re serious about finding the right person for the position, but it also allows you to get to know potential candidates better.

Stop Selling

HR recruiters have been known to be a bit salesy in their recruitment methods. While this is your job, that doesn’t mean that you necessarily need to think of it as a transaction. Human resources is all about the people that you meet and where they could perform well. It’s time to focus on the position and the people in front of you. There’s no need to sell yourself or the job. The right person won’t need a sales pitch.

Human resource recruiters in all industries need to take a step back and reevaluate their tactics. By honing your skills, it’s much easier to match positions with applicants. To improve your processes, turn to The Christopher Group. Learn more about our premium recruitment tools by visiting