TCG Recruiter Spotlight: Logan Sweet

Role at TCG?

Recruiting Manager

Years at TCG?

Five Years

What do you love about being an executive recruiter?

The people I meet along the way and learning about our clients and the businesses they support.  There is so much ingénue in American business, and I’ve always been fascinated by companies and what makes them tick, why some work (and why so many don’t), and the people inside of them and the way they become their own ecosystems.  It just fascinates me.  Having such a wide variety of clientele means that I get an inside look into so many different marquee organizations in the US, and all of their uniqueness. That is a perspective I feel really privileged to be a part of here at TCG.

What advice do you have for candidates?

Be realistic with yourself.  Be able to self-examine.  Always be open to feedback, and lastly, always keep your priority on how you can help the business achieve its goals.

Must-Have Office Item?

2 Monitors!

Favorite Quarantine Activity?

Reading. Voraciously.

Favorite TCG Memory?

I think about a trip I took to visit a client in Louisiana with one of our partners Nat Schiffer.  Nat and I had a lot of fun on that trip and met with a great client whom we helped find a CHRO.  And of course all of the amazing trips to Disney (getting my face painted with Paula is a highlight).

Fun Fact

I am an avid equestrian and am only 2 scores shy of my USDF bronze medal.  Which means nothing really, other than I have spent my life honing my craft as an equestrian and find myself really out of balance as a person if I don’t pursue my passions – and horses are one.  I think we all need to ensure we balance life with work and fun – and riding ensures I get that balance.  Although I am one that truly considers recruiting exactly where I belong professionally and rarely have the “work dread” that some do on Monday mornings.