TCG places People Analytics Director at Mars Veterinary Health

WEST LOS ANGELES OR PORTLAND, OR – Mars Veterinary Health, the global division within Mars Petcare, a large network of veterinary clinics, hospitals, and diagnostic labs across 21 countries, has placed Jesse Moquin as their new People Analytics Director. Managing Director, Nat Schiffer and Managing Partner, Jeff Willbanks lead this critical HR search.

“The experience I had TCG has been top-notch,” said Jesse Moquin. “From the early-stage conversations with Jeff, to working with Nat as things progressed, I found the TCG team to be prompt, thorough, professional, and communicative. While I know they represent a client, I also felt very supported throughout the process and truly felt as if they had my best interests in mind as well.”

“With Mars, a few things came through during my interviews that made them a really appealing employer. The family-owned nature of the company, being highly mission-driven, and the focus on 5 Principles really resonated with me. Also being diligent in the interview process and thinking beyond just the next job. Ultimately, I was looking for a company where I could envision spending a number of years and having multiple opportunities for development in my career. I believe that I’ve found it in Mars Veterinary Health.“

Jesse Moquin will be in a key leadership role within the Mars Veterinary Health (MVH) People & Organization (Human Resources) team and will be responsible for managing Mars Veterinary Health’s people analytics capabilities and services, and providing relevant insight for the People & Organization team, the MVH leadership team, and the organization more broadly. Moquin will manage a team of data and analytics professionals who develop and cultivate a strong collaborative partnership with leaders in the MVH Data & Analytics and IT teams to further the P&O data science roadmap.

“This was one of the more fun searches that we have worked on lately as it was a real treat to meet the HR leaders who are shaping the people analytics function in the US today,” said Mat Schiffer.  “I believe we provide a real strategic advantage for those looking to bolster this function within their HR organizations.”

Jesse Moquin brings an impressive list of skills including highly skilled and collaborative leadership. Jesse has an extended work history with Allstate Insurance where he gained experience in a number of different roles. 

About Mars Veterinary Health

Mars Veterinary Health is a global division within Mars Petcare, a community of people characterized by a diversity of thought, backgrounds, preferences, and approaches with the sole objective of advancing the veterinary profession for the health and wellbeing of people, pets, and planet. Through their network of 2,500 veterinary clinics, hospitals, and diagnostic labs across 21 countries, they are able to provide the highest standards in pet care and achieve their collective Purpose: A BETTER WORLD FOR PETS. 

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