Different Types of Human Resource Specialties

Different Types of Human Resource Specialties

Different Types of Human Resource SpecialtiesUnlike HR generalists who have a wide variety of responsibilities within an organization, human resource specialists receive training in a specific area of human resource management. Larger organizations often seek out such specialists who have the expertise necessary to successfully carry out key HR tasks on a large scale. While there are numerous different types of human resource specialties, here are a few of the most popular options.

Recruitment specialist

Recruitment and staffing managers help find ideal candidates to fill open roles in a company by creating attractive job listings, conducting interviews, and carrying out other recruitment strategies. To succeed as a recruitment specialist, a solid understanding of a company’s culture, practices, positions, and history, as well as exceptional communication skills are essential. Due to the importance of this role and its demanding nature, many companies choose to hire recruitment specialists. This way they can ensure that a professional has staffed their business with the exceptional employees it needs to thrive.

Compensation and benefits specialist

The compensation and benefits specialty is one of the fastest-growing specialties in human resources. Compensation and benefits managers are responsible for crafting benefits packages that will help attract and retain employees. In addition, they also help determine the compensation that new employees receive and calculate wage increases for current employees. To successfully carry out such essential tasks, a thorough understanding of a company’s financial history and budget, as well as current industry standards, is necessary.

Training and development specialist

Effectively training employees is essential to the success of any business. In addition to maximizing productivity and minimizing costly mistakes, proper training can help reduce the risk of injury in companies that require the operation of heavy equipment. In addition to training new employees, training and development specialists are also responsible for providing ongoing education to existing employees.

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