VETRO Selects TCG for Head of People Search

PORTLAND, MAINE – VETRO, Industry-leading Fiber Network Management Software Company, has selected The Christopher Group to lead their Head of People search. Managing Partner, Ayla Maloney, and Recruiting Director, Carrie Longmire, are leading this critical HR search.

“It’s an honor to partner with this exceptional group of leaders to find a true, agile thought partner. We are looking for someone to propel the growth of this incredibly important organization, whose devoted to bridging the digital divide and fostering improved connectivity for all.” Ayla shared.

The role of the Head of People at VETRO Inc. is not just a job—it’s an invitation to drive change, innovation, and impact in a high-growth, forward-thinking environment. As the Head of People, this person plays a pivotal role in turning the mission into a reality that touches lives on a global scale.

As the strategic partner to the Executive Leadership Team, the Head of People’s insights will shape the course of the organization. They’ll hold the reins on all areas of the Human Resources function empowering them to make a tangible difference throughout the employee journey.

Beyond the role, the Head of People is joining a cause that transcends conventional career paths. VETRO’s platform is revolutionizing connectivity, and they’ll be at the helm, steering a course toward enriching the lives of many through the power of the internet. It’s not just a role; it’s a chance to be part of something monumental.

To learn more about this opportunity and/or The Christopher Group please contact Carrie Longmire at


In the realm of VETRO, the resonance of their mission reverberates with the pulse of a more equitable digital future. Rooted in a steadfast belief, their purpose is to provide access to the potent realms of information, research, learning, and connections. VETRO’s mission is a guiding light, offering means for internet connectivity to empower individuals with the boundless potential of knowledge and interaction. At its core, VETRO’s mission is to carve a path toward an all-inclusive digital horizon.

VETRO stands as a dedicated entity, catering to the distinct needs of fiber network operators. Acting as a seamless bridge, the platform connects the intricate tapestry of broadband infrastructure with the intuitive tools, methods, and aesthetics of pioneering software. The renowned VETRO FiberMap takes center stage, simplifying the intricate GIS of fiber networks within the market. This allows users to effortlessly harness and share data, substantially boosting project efficiency and transparency while expediting the journey to market.

With a comprehensive digital catalog meticulously modeling the physical strata of the internet and complemented by Open APIs, network proprietors find themselves poised to operationalize their maps, consequently unlocking substantial business value. Embracing VETRO translates into broadband operators and owners being able to furnish faster, more reliable internet access to a wider array of households, enterprises, and educational institutions in a shorter span, all while mitigating potential risks. This confluence of technology and vision marks the path VETRO paves toward a transformative digital landscape.

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