TCG Recruiter Spotlight: Jim May

Jim May

Role at TCG?

Recruiting Director

Years at TCG?

Going on 2 years

What do you love about being an executive recruiter?

I love having the opportunity to speak with unique individuals across the country on a daily basis. It is incredibly rewarding to hear their stories, discuss their personal and professional goals, and be in a position where I can help them achieve those goals.

What advice do you have for candidates?

Stay positive in your job search. It’s a competitive market and there are a lot of qualified candidates you are constantly competing against. The right opportunity will come along and you will end up right where you are supposed to!

Must-Have Office Item?

A standing desk! I have an issue with sitting still for too long!

Favorite quarantine activity?

Hiking in the Cuyahoga National Park with my wife, Kaitlyn, and our Dog, Winnie.

Favorite TCG Memory?

Our Offsite in Orlando last year. This was the first time I met our remote and Florida teams face-to-face and I had an incredible time. Spending a morning on the golf course and a day at Epcot with the team didn’t hurt either!

Fun Fact

I make my own beef jerky and experiment with all the different flavors. My goal is to one day find the perfect recipe to sell at a local market.