TCG Recruiter Spotlight: Gillian Hagerty

Role at TCG?

Recruiting Manager

Years at TCG?

Almost 1 Year

What do you love about being an executive recruiter?

Definitely the relationships. I genuinely enjoy getting to know candidates, hearing about their personal and professional journeys, and forming long-term connections. I also love opening LinkedIn and seeing candidates I’ve worked with in the past doing amazing things! If I can play a small part in helping someone achieve their career goals, it’s an incredibly fulfilling thing.

What advice do you have for candidates?

Build your network, especially with recruiters in your field. Even if the role you’re approached with isn’t the right fit, or it isn’t the right time for you to make a career transition, making that connection could be valuable down the road. Take the call – you never know where it could lead!

Must-Have Office Item?

Post-Its! My desk is covered in them.

Favorite quarantine activity?

I spent the majority of quarantine reading and relaxing in the pool with my husband and our dogs.

Favorite TCG Memory?

We recently had our own TCG Awards Show. We nominated one another for awards like “Most likely to be talking while on mute” and “The Office Prankster.” It was such a fun (and hilarious) way to bond as a team and reinforced why I love working at TCG – the teamwork and camaraderie here is so strong.

Fun Fact

I’m very adventurous, I love to travel and try new things. I’ve been Scuba certified since I was 13 and have been shark diving, cave diving, and wreck diving. I also grew up rock climbing and repelling with my family in Arizona. My husband and I learned to ski last year and that’s quickly becoming one of my favorite activities!