TCG Recruiter Spotlight: Ayla (Davis) Maloney

Ayla Davis

Role at TCG?

Recruiting Vice President

Years at TCG?

A little over five years.

What do you love about being an executive recruiter?

I love getting to build relationships with such a variety of amazing people.  I am inspired every day by the candidates and clients we work with.  I am honored to get to know their stories, and potentially be a part of helping move their lives forward professionally, and generally, really.  I love learning something new every day.

What advice do you have for candidates?

Life can surprise us with opportunities out of left field.  When we least expect it, a door can be opened when we didn’t even realize we were in that kind of hallway.  Sometimes those opportunities work out, and other times things happen just to connect us with others or provide learnings in our lives.  It’s a journey and there’s a purpose for all of it.

Must have office item?

Pilot G-2 1.0 gel ink pens!  I prefer to take hand-written notes vs. typing so there is just something about how thick the ink comes out that is so satisfying to write with.

Favorite TCG Memory?

Wow, that’s hard to narrow down. We do semi-annual offsites, and we have been to a lot of amazing places: Nashville, Niagara Falls, Cruises to Mexico, Asheville, Disney, etc.  We also have a really, really awesome group of people we work with, so any time that we can get together is great.  But, one memory that sticks out is when we rented this GORGEOUS house on Lake Seneca in the Finger Lakes region of New York.  It had a dock that looked over the lake, the hills with a sunset right behind all of it.  I remember us all sitting out there with a glass of wine, watching the sky put on an art show, and I just had to pinch myself with how blessed we all are.  We get to make huge impacts on such great people’s lives, clients and candidates alike, and do that with a team full of such funny, caring, and super-smart people.  I was just overwhelmed with gratitude.

Fun Fact

I tried out for American Idol when I was 20 and didn’t make it past the first round.