Lincoln Clean Energy Selects TCG for Head of HR Search

CHICAGO, IL – Lincoln Clean Energy has selected The Christopher Group to lead their Head of Human Resources search. Founder and CEO, Thomas Christopher, Recruiting Manager, Keith Wright, and Senior Operations Manager, Matthew Duda will be leading the search.

Lincoln Clean Energy (LCE) is a renewable energy company that develops wind and solar projects throughout the United States. LCE was formed in 2009 and is based in Chicago, Illinois with satellite offices in Austin, Texas and Charlottesville, Virginia. In 2018, LCE was purchased by Ørsted A/S, which is based in Copenhagen and is one of the largest power generation companies in the world. Ørsted A/S is a publicly-traded company on the Danish stock exchange. LCE currently has approximately 85 employees.

The Head of Human Resources will report directly to LCE’s CEO. LCE has not previously had a dedicated HR function. The role includes responsibility for the entire employment process, talent acquisition, employee relations, organizational development, employee compensation, safety, compliance, and employee retention and development. The Head of Human Resources will assume a high-level strategic role and become directly involved in the planning, staffing, and integration of new initiatives; play an integrative role that focuses on employee engagement and employee relations, mobilizing resources and pulling the organization together around central themes. Additionally, the duties will include oversight of LCE’s HR compliance policies, responsibility for maintaining and negotiating benefits packages with providers, and the integration of LCE’s HR function into Ørsted A/S global HR strategy.

“Chicago has been one of our most dominant markets for over 20 years. We know everyone in Chicago and they know us,” states Founder and CEO, Tom Christopher. “We are sincerely honored to be the selected firm to lead this Chicago-based search for a very exciting company.”

Founded in 1998 by Thomas and Paula Christopher (former HR Executives with GE, Pepsi, Progressive Insurance, and Citigroup), The Christopher Group (TCG) has become one of the nation’s largest and most respected boutique HR Executive Search and Staffing Solutions firms. They have created a highly specialized organization, staffed by former HR professionals and highly trained search practitioners, that utilize proprietary, scientific, and industry-leading systems, tools, and processes. As a result, 92% of all TCG searches are filled in the first two slates of candidates. With a client list that includes some of the world’s most respected companies across all industries and verticals, they are frequently asked, “What makes TCG so different and successful?”

“Our Technology, Systems, Tools, Processes, and HR Experienced Team provide a most precise and highly efficient service delivery model,” responds TCG Founder & CEO, Thomas Christopher. TCG conducts targeted searches of high performing/passive candidates, sourced from client requested companies/industries, all while completing extensive assessments and vetting to ensure an optimal fit. From search commencement to the first day of employment, every TCG client and candidate will enjoy unparalleled, comprehensive, professional, scientific, and stress-eliminating executive search services to ensure the very best search experience. In an industry-leading move, TCG backs all their work with full performance guarantees, in writing.