Tips for Targeted Search for Human Resource Professionals

Tips for Targeted Search for Human Resource Professionals

Tips for Targeted Search for Human Resource Professionals

When it comes to filling highly specific and influential positions in a company, such as human resource roles, a targeted search strategy can prove highly beneficial. Essentially, a targeted search strategy is the process of implementing focused advertising efforts for an open position in an attempt to attract specific candidates that have certain skills, personality traits, experience levels, or backgrounds.

In addition to reducing hiring costs, a targeted search strategy can also help increase the quality of applicants, enhance diversity in the workplace, and fill open positions more quickly, among other benefits. If you’re interested in implementing this strategy in your hiring process, consult this guide on tips for targeted search for human resource professionals.

Determine Exactly What Your Company Needs

The first step in launching a successful targeted recruitment strategy for an HR professional is to determine exactly what your company needs. In order to launch specialized advertising efforts for the position and attract your ideal candidate, you must first know exactly what type of person your ideal candidate is. Key factors to consider when developing a targeted search strategy include:

  • The location where your ideal candidate lives
  • Ideal personality traits to ensure a good mix with your current company culture
  • The desired level of education of the candidate
  • Necessary skill sets that the employee must possess to successfully complete the job
  • Number of years of experience in the industry

Make Data-Based Decisions

Another tip for targeted search for human resource professionals is to make data-based decisions. A targeted strategy is anything but random. Instead of just casting a line and hoping someone bites, you will need to do a substantial amount of research on current industry trends, unemployment rates in your area, and other pertinent factors that will influence your search. Based on such factors, you should then tailor your strategy accordingly in order for your targeted search campaign to be successful.

Hire an Executive Search Firm For Assistance

Mastering the art of targeted search strategies requires a significant amount of time and energy, both of which are in short supply in many businesses that have critical open positions. As such, it is often highly beneficial to enlist the services of an executive search firm that specializes in targeted search for HR professionals.

At The Christopher Group, our targeted search methods produce exceptional results in sourcing and placing the highest performing executive-level HR professionals. With less than a one percent first-year candidate failure rate, an interview-to-hire ratio of 6:1, and an average offer-to-acceptance rate of 97 percent, our results speak for themselves. To enjoy the numerous benefits of a targeted search recruitment strategy without any of the time and effort, contact our highly experienced human resources recruitment consultants today.