How Executive Placement Services Work

When you need to find a new candidate for a role within your business, there are many things to consider—and one of them is finding an executive search firm that will help make your hunt easier. The search for the right candidate becomes more intricate once applicants have more experience and the role is for an upper-level executive role. Drive business success by utilizing a company with executive placement services and a targeted search process that offers a speedy, customized analysis and thoughtful recruitment.

Direct Placement Experts

For companies looking to fill mid-level to upper management positions, a direct hire recruiting approach works well. Many successful organizations and companies have built their senior leadership teams with executive placement services from experienced recruitment firms. In this process, experts identify someone with the right skillset and deliver a candidate that is a great leader as well. All candidates who go through an HR executive firm are thoroughly vetted and pre-qualified for your consideration. Top candidates are then presented in comprehensive profiles, and the firm you choose to work with will arrange any interviews. An HR executive firm’s involvement does not stop at interviewing candidates; they typically work closely with you and the candidate throughout the interview, negotiation, and on-boarding process.

Hiring an outside HR executive firm creates a seamless and easy process for the company. Direct hire recruiting is treated with thoroughness, professionalism, and discretion. For an unparalleled national network of candidates, sophisticated technology, rigorous market research and analytics, a holistic communications process, and deep industry knowledge, trust an external recruiting company.

The TCG Difference

Since 1998, The Christopher Group has become one of the nation’s largest and most respected boutique HR executive search firms in the United States. We specialize in executive placement services using a targeted search process that enables the most effective, efficient, and accurate search sequence direct placement for upper-level executive positions. We created a custom approach and named it the Christopher Recruiting Systems (C.R.S). This process is in a constant state of evolution, and we are currently in version 9.0.

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