How We Do It

As the top recruiters for HR professionals, we use an integrated search process to find the best HR professionals. Here is an outline of how our process works:

  • Integrated Three-Person Search Team: assigned to every search, consisting of a managing partner/relationship manager, recruiting director/manager, and research/marketing manager.
  • Functionally Aligned Recruiting Teams: e.g., generalist, MD/OD, C&B, talent acquisition, etc., with extensive nationwide networks and functionally specific candidate databases.
  • Team-Based Communications: including search pull-up meeting, slate presentation calls, interview debrief calls, process management calls, offer extension calls, transition management calls, etc.
  • Search/Company-Specific Candidate Marketing Packets: complete with job description, hiring authority bio, executive bios, company financials, annual reports, recent press releases, and location/area information and profiles.
  • Targeted Network- and Market-Based Sourcing Campaigns : through state-of-the-art spidering technology, we have access to more than 97%+ of all named HR professionals in the United States in addition to our 28,000 candidate HR database. We don’t use ads or email blasts. Rather, we recruit the old-fashioned way with direct calls into passive candidates.
  • Candidate Pre-Screen: utilizing position-specific candidate assessment tool (C.A.T.).
  • Full Candidate Structured Assessments: utilizing position-specific structured interview guide (SIG) via high-definition video interview with tailored competency and chemistry screens. We see every candidate before you do.
  • Four-Week Production Schedule: for each search yielding a new slate of three fully developed, profile-fitting candidates complete with position-specific resume, candidate assessment tool, high-definition recorded video interview, and search metrics every four weeks until search completion.
  • Search Metrics: we specifically track and report on every candidate we assess for a given search (typically 150 to 500+ candidates) and share with our clients throughout the search process.
  • Weekly Progress Updates: via email and/or scheduled calls.
  • Process Management: we provide comprehensive support to both our candidates and clients throughout the search process including but not limited to scheduling, travel arrangements, candidate preps and debriefs, client preps and debriefs, site visits, and other.
  • Reference Checks: we provide targeted and structured background checks on every desired candidate to garner historic data on performance, knowledge, skills, strengths, developmental needs, social styles, and specific client concerns.
  • Offer Preparation and Extension: we complete a candidate pre-close on desired candidates including a side-by-side, total compensation profile for both current compensation package and desired compensation package prior to offer extension.
  • Resignation/Transition Support: to ensure a smooth, no-counter-offer risk transition, we closely counsel and monitor every offered candidate until date of hire.
  • On-Boarding and Post-Hire Support: we stay close to each placed candidate to ensure a smooth and effective assimilation over the first 90 days of employment.