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Our Process

The Christopher Group is unique in its approach to talent acquisition because they ensure they not only understand the content of the roles, long-term plans and culture of the organization but also use a systematic, metrics-oriented approach to deliver the right candidate within the agreed upon time frame.”

Steve Bishara

Chief Human Resources Officer, Harbour Group

The TCG Process

At TCG we believe passionately that the key to our tremendous success emanates from our industry-leading and proprietary process. Over the last 22+ years, we have developed and refined our process to ensure the most effective, efficient, accurate, and fastest search sequence. We call this the Christopher Recruiting Systems (C.R.S) and we are currently in version 9.0. Here is an overview of our process that truly sets us apart from all the others:

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Integrated Three-Person Search Team

Each search has a dedicated team of former highly skilled HR practitioners consisting of a Relationship Partner (client interface), Recruiting Director/Manager (candidate interface), and Research/Marketing Manager.

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Functionally Aligned Recruiting Teams

We employ highly trained, experienced, and seasoned HR search executives. They have deep specialization within their respective HR verticals including Generalist, MD/OE, Talent Management, Benefits and Compensation, Talent Acquisition, Diversity and Inclusion, and Professional/Employee/Union Relations.

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Team-Based Communications

Throughout a TCG Search process, the same assigned three-person search team is in every meeting and call. This includes Search Pull-Up Meeting, Slate Presentation Call, Interview Debrief Calls, Process Management Calls, Offer Extension Calls, Transition Management Calls, etc. This very important protocol ensures nothing gets lost in translation.

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Search/Company-Specific Candidate Marketing Packets

When recruiting the highest performing/potential passive candidates, digital marketing materials are essential. As a result, we develop a 150-200-page comprehensive executive Candidate Marketing Packet (C.M.P) which is the envy of the executive search community. This packet includes but is not limited to job description, executive bios, hiring authority bios, comprehensive company information, financial reports, annual reports, 10(K)(Q) reports, company awards, recent press releases and an expansive proprietary location information portrait (we copyright this for our client to use for their search and future searches). TCG candidates continually report these C.M.P’s are simply the best they have ever seen and incredibly useful throughout the search process.

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Precision Recruiting

We do not run ads or use email blasts. We employ the latest and most expensive search technology to source and assess the highest performing/potential passive candidates. We have access to more than 98%+ of all named HR professionals from only those companies our clients have targeted.

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Structured Candidate Assessments

A key differentiation of TCG is the depth and breadth of assessments we conduct on every submitted candidate. We utilize proprietary/copyrighted search specific Competency and Chemistry based assessment tools to provide our client with the most accurate and measurable candidate assessment profiles. We are consistently told no one in the industry compares to our assessment rigor!

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High-Definition Video Interviews

In 2014, TCG pioneered high-definition recorded video interview assessments. Today we utilize a structured interview guide via a high-definition video platform with tailored competency and chemistry screens. We see every candidate before you do and you see every candidate (via high-definition recorded video) before you spend the money to bring them in for interviews.

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Comprehensive Assessment Bank

We provide a full menu of industry-leading/recognized executive assessment systems including DiSC, Myers Briggs, Predictive Index, Hogan Assessments, Wonderlic and Thomas International. TCG clients enjoy the option of utilizing any or all of these systems as a part of their TCG search process.

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Three/Four Week Production Schedule

TCG guarantees a new slate of at least three fully developed, fully engaged candidates until search completion. Our clients have guaranteed delivery dates for each slate enabling them to advanced scheduling for first and even second-round interviews. This approach provides a far faster and efficient schedule for every TCG search.

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Search Metrics

Transparency and complete relevant data for any TCG search has proven to be invaluable to our clients. With every submitted slate, we present a Search Metric Report showcasing all 150-500 candidates we have sourced and assessed for the role and why TCG said yes or no to the candidate (competency and chemistry fit). We also report why the candidate said yes or no to our client’s opportunity (Five Value Dimensions: Job Company, Career Path, Compensation or Locations). In short, there is no recruiter B.S. in the search. We only speak with factual data to empower and enable our clients to make powerful search selections.

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Weekly Progress Updates

We conduct a standing weekly update call on every search with key performance milestones to apprise our clients on search progress and ensure search success.

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Process Management

Filling positions with the highest performing candidates is one half of what we do. The other equally important half is providing our clients and candidates with the most respectful and exceptional search experience. Throughout the search process, we provide comprehensive process support including but not limited to assessment scheduling, travel logistics, candidate prep and debrief calls, client prep and debrief calls, look-see visits, career consultations, market calibrations and so much more. This is why TCG Clients/References repeatedly say that TCG is the best search partner they ever worked with.

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Behind the Scene Check Outs

One of our most powerful levers is our network. We provide targeted and structured research on every desired candidate to garner historic data on performance, knowledge, skills, strengths, developmental needs, social styles, and address specific client concerns.

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Offer Preparation and Extension

We complete a candidate Pre-Close on the desired candidate(s) including a side-by-side, total compensation profile for both current compensation package and desired compensation package before offer extension. We then work with our clients to position and extend all offers in the most compelling and market-relevant manner. This is precisely why 98% of TCG’s extended offers are accepted!

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Resignation/Transition Program

In today’s market counteroffers are a standard and expected risk with every candidate. We have developed and utilized a very effective program to ensure TCG candidates land and stick. As a result, TCG clients enjoy a less than 1% counter offer experience and acceptance rate for the last five years running!

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On-Boarding and Post-Hire Program

At TCG we believe strongly that our work extends past offer and acceptance. As a result, we stay close to each TCG Candidate to ensure a smooth and successful transition.

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