TCG Places Chief Financial Officer at XenoPsi

NEW YORK, NEW YORK  – XenoPsi has placed Randall Babb as their new Chief Financial Officer. Managing Partner, Nat Schiffer, and Recruiting Director, Carrie Longmire, led and placed the vital search.

Having successfully filled XenoPsi’s Head of HR search, we were honored when they entrusted us with their critical Chief Financial Officer search. Randall Babb’s appointment represents the culmination of our commitment to excellence in talent acquisition. His extensive experience and visionary leadership make him the ideal fit to drive XenoPsi’s financial strategies forward. At The Christopher Group, we take pride in matching top-tier talent with our clients’ needs, and Randall’s addition underscores our dedication to delivering impactful talent solutions. We’re confident in Randall’s ability to lead XenoPsi’s finance team towards continued success and growth,” Nat Schiffer shared.

As the Chief Financial Officer, Randall will be at the forefront of a growing team of finance and accounting professionals, where he’ll serve as both a mentor and visionary leader. In this pivotal role, Randall operates within a thriving portfolio of companies under our shared services model, where he’ll take charge of the financial well-being of numerous professional services firms, direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands, and the overarching corporate entity. Randall will be responsible for not only leading and nurturing his team but also serving as the driving force behind the organization’s financial forecasting efforts. Randall’s ability to cultivate a culture of continuous improvement, foster collaboration, and inspire high performance will be instrumental in achieving and maintaining the organization’s financial excellence. 

As the CFO, he’ll also play a critical role in evaluating new opportunities, equipping XenoPsi to make well-informed strategic investments. Randall’s mission will be to align financial strategies seamlessly with the organization’s overarching corporate objectives, propelling growth, enhancing profitability, and ensuring fiscal responsibility.

“I am thrilled to be joining XenoPsi as their Chief Financial Officer. It is an exciting time for XenoPsi as they are launching new ventures and expanding into new markets.Throughout my recruitment process, I was thoroughly impressed with the vision from MichaelAaron Flicker (CEO) and his Sr Leadership team. They are truly brand-building experts. I am excited to bring vision & expertise to the accounting and strategic finance functions, and drive efficiencies in a hyper-growth environment. A special thanks to the TCG team, particularly Nat Schiffer and Carrie Longmire for facilitating my recruitment process. They were attentive and transparent throughout my journey, and I am grateful for their partnership in bringing me to XenoPsi,” Randall shared.

Randall Babb is an accomplished Strategy & Finance leader with over a decade of experience, showcasing his adeptness in steering high-growth initiatives and teams within the startup, eCommerce, and tech sectors. Renowned for his strategic acumen, he serves as a key partner to executive teams and business units, leveraging his expertise to optimize return on investment (ROI) across various ventures. With a penchant for analytical thinking, Randall is known for his proficiency in making data-driven decisions that fuel growth and streamline operations across diverse projects, embodying a commitment to driving both efficiency and expansion.

About XenoPsi

XenoPsi Ventures is a brand incubator that provides financial, marketing and intellectual property support to a growing portfolio of companies, including Method1, Function Growth, Z/Axis Strategies in professional services, and Wellow compression socks, Benchmark Insights and the Consumer Behavior Lab in their owned and operated brands.

About The Christopher Group

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