How the Role of HR Has Changed

How the Role of HR Has Changed

The role of a human resources manager has changed significantly as technology creates global markets. Learn what’s remained the same, and the modified roles and responsibilities of the new HR manager.


A human resources manager has historically been defined as a person that is in charge of a company’s employees. Job duties often included writing job descriptions, hiring and firing employees, training, support, and creating systems for keeping accurate records.

The HR director pushed a lot of paper and created significant paper trials.

What Changed

In 2010, three main factors defied the traditional definition of a HR manager.

  • The Recession

Fighting a recession hit every company differently. However, the bottom line remained – employees wanted job security and good benefits.

  • The Advances in Technology

Social media has morphed every part of our lives. Employers find it to be a double-edged sword. At first, it was a personal distraction for their workers. However, the smart and flexible HR manager used their employee’s social media prowess to promote the company and turn it into revenue.

  • The Millennial Employee

Flexibility, individuality, and approval to work remotely are three things the millennial generation demand. HR managers redesigned their job descriptions to meet these needs.


Today, HR directors report that simply locating skilled workers can be a challenge. When they do find a potential employee with the right skill set and working mindset, their job is to create a meaningful relationship. This is reflected in personalized schedules, more work-from-home opportunities, and offers to fund continued education. These accommodations encourage their staff to stay long term.

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