Laura Mainville Hoppe

Leadership Development, Organizational Effectiveness, Executive Coaching, Culture Transformation
Culture Transformation, Executive Coaching, Leadership Development, Organizational Effectiveness
Laura Mainville Hoppe

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Laura has more than 20 years of experience helping successful leaders achieve meaningful business and personal outcomes.  She partners closely with clients to identify what is getting in the way of desired success.  Together they leverage strengths and address root cause issues to ensure sustained long-term impact. She most often works with executives transforming their organizations, and themselves, to meet the demands of changing industries, teams, customers, regulatory conditions, etc.

Laura is a dynamic coach with a bias for action, ever-present optimism, and forward momentum; always focused on progressing your journey at a pace that is achievable and challenging.  She has a proven track record as a Leadership Development, Organization Effectiveness, and Culture expert as well as an executive coach, consultant, and facilitator to many industry-leading and Fortune 500 Companies such as:

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In addition, Laura was the founding director of the Center for Leadership and Ethics at a Top 10 B-School, McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin.