Kathleen Woodhouse

Executive Coaching, HR Strategy & Business Linkage, Organizational Effectiveness, Leadership Development
Executive Coaching, HR Strategy & Business Linkage, Leadership Development, Organizational Effectiveness
Kathleen Woodhouse

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Kathleen is focused on increasing leadership and organizational capability to drive business results. A former Fortune 50 executive, Kathleen understands the challenges of managing in a complex, ever-changing environment, and served as an executive leader in multi-billion dollar business units. Her expertise is in working with leaders and their teams to create an environment where people excel. Kathleen’s hands-on approach ensures that clients get a realistic assessment of strengths and opportunities, and the actions required to achieve higher levels of performance. Kathleen is Hogan-certified and uses this tool and an array of 360 and other mechanisms to provide client feedback.

Kathleen is direct, insightful, results-oriented, and holds clients accountable for their commitments. Her work has proven to be effective at multiple levels in the organization, and across multiple functional areas. She has coached C-level clients and their successors and has a passion for developing women and high potential talent. A guest lecturer at the Harvard Business School, her clients include technology, legal, healthcare, financial services, pharmaceutical, and materials executives, and Kathleen has also done work to address leadership and organizational effectiveness in the non-profit arena. Kathleen has worked closely with business leaders in the US, Canada, China, India, and Europe. She works with clients on the critical components of success that shape culture, and capabilities that build growth and profitability including strategic alignment; organizational effectiveness; and leadership development. Kathleen is a Forbes Certified Coach and frequently writes and speaks on the levers that drive individual and organizational capability.

Previously Kathleen was the Corporate Vice President of Human Resources at Advanced Micro Devices, and held executive HR leadership roles at Dell, Inc., living in both the U.S. and in Europe. She holds both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree from the University of Texas.

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