Common Human Resource Mistakes to Avoid

Common Human Resource Mistakes to Avoid

Common Human Resource Mistakes to Avoid

When it comes to human resource management, even small mistakes can have devastating repercussions in the form of significant financial loss or legal implications. To prevent such disastrous circumstances, it is important to hire HR managers that are aware of and know how to circumvent potential human resource mistakes. To learn about some of the most common human resource mistakes to avoid, continue reading.

Cutting corners during the hiring processes

While the hiring process can be expensive and time-consuming, it would be unwise to rush through it. Many companies make the mistake of speeding through the hiring process to fill an open position as soon as possible. However, doing so can often result in making a poor hiring choice that ultimately costs a company thousands of dollars in lost productivity, as well as potentially damaging the company culture. As such, it is important to not cut any corners during the hiring process no matter how urgent the opening is.

Flawed firing practices

On the other end of the spectrum, it is also imperative to create well thought out firing practices. Poor termination practices can result in significant legal ramifications if an employee feels that they have been wrongfully terminated. Just as a company cannot rush the hiring process, make sure not to rush into firing an employee. Before starting the termination process, make sure to create detailed documents of disciplinary actions and write-ups that lead up to the employee’s ultimate termination.

Failing to update a comprehensive employee handbook

Another common human resource mistakes to avoid is failing to regularly update the company employee handbook. A comprehensive employee handbook is essential for preventing misunderstandings and legal infractions within a company. To ensure than an employee handbook is in line with current company practices—as well as state and federal regulatory policies regarding important issues such as harassment, discrimination, and termination—it needs regular evaluation and updating. Generally, this should take place at least once a year.

In addition to updating the employee handbook, it is essential to ensure that all employees are aware of any changes to its contents by having them sign an acknowledgment of receipt and understanding whenever any revisions occur.

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