Candidate Concierge Service (C.C.S.)

Looking for a more tailored solution?

Unique to the search industry, we are pleased to offer our Candidate Concierge Service. From search commencement through candidate start date our Team will provide comprehensive Travel, Scheduling, Spousal Visit, Relocation (secondary support), and other support services to ensure an ideal candidate experience.

When courting the finest, passive HR Talent, this game-changing offering clearly sets your search apart and above the competition for such talent.

For Companies, our candidate & corporate travel management programs and services are scalable, flexible and customer-driven. For Hiring Managers, our systems identify savings opportunities; provide comprehensive and consolidated reporting & invoicing. For Candidates/Travelers our 24/7 support helps take the stress out of today’s hectic business travel.

  • 24/7 Direct Line Concierge Support 
  • Itinerary Management
  • Travel Interruption Support 
  • Expense Management
  • Consolidated Invoicing and Reporting

Candidate care is critical to managing your employment brand. Managing business travel means getting more value for every dollar spent!