TCG Mission Statement:

“Simply put, we strive to be the very best recruiting firm in the world.”

We respect the boldness of this statement and the inherent expectations and standards of performance that come with it. We are not interested in being the biggest, just the best. More importantly, for our candidates and clients, it is the standard we respectfully ask them to hold us to.

A Completely New and Different Approach to HR Search

Founded in 1998, The Christopher Group (TCG) has become one of the nation’s largest and most respected boutique HR executive search firms.

With combined HR careers at General Electric, PepsiCo, Progressive Insurance, Merrill Lynch, R.J. Reynolds, Raytheon and CitiGroup, these former human resource practitioners saw a unique opportunity in the HR search marketplace. For years, founding partners Tom and Paula Christopher utilized several of the nation’s leading HR marquee executive search firms when filling critical mid- and senior-level HR openings. These firms were, and are to this day, good organizations with strong people and respectable search processes.

However, Tom and Paula saw an opportunity to do search differently. They passionately believed in creating a unique boutique executive search firm led by former HR practitioners and staffed by highly trained search professionals, employing proprietary systems, tools and processes when conducting HR-only searches. This firm would provide a unique and industry-redefining search experience for candidates and clients alike. It was at this time that TCG was born.

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TCG Values Statement:

“Treat Others the Way You Want to be Treated.”

For us, this is more than a biblical reference and/or good lifelong principle to live by; it goes far deeper than that. Being former HR practitioners, we are able to assume the unique positions of our clients and candidates and look at opportunities through their lenses. In doing so, we are able to provide expert guidance, counsel and assessments to candidates and clients alike. For us, it is more than simply filling a role quickly with exceptional talent. It is finishing a search and having the candidates and client love the experience and look forward to doing it again.  Case and point, the vast majority of our clients are former TCG candidates.


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TCG Business Strategy:

“Speed, Quality, and Service”

To realize the bold and high standards of our Mission and Values Statements, our Business Strategy is where the rubber hits the road. Said simpler, any firm can make big proclamations, but what matters is the specific strategies to make such statements a reality.

After 17-plus years in the search industry, we have found that when a client decides to go to search they have exhausted previous low-cost methods (e.g., internal promotion, employee referrals, direct sourcing/ads, and/or contingent firms). Typically by the time our clients reach us, they are tired, frustrated, and want their positions filled yesterday with HR talent that would rival their best performers. Said simply, they want RESULTS.

When you engage TCG, our service delivery model ensures we are the fastest to the marketplace (SPEED), with the best possible candidates (QUALITY), coupled with exceptional support (SERVICE). It is what we call S.Q.S. At the end of the day, every search client rightfully expects and is owed exactly what they have been promised and paid for: RESULTS. That is why at TCG, every team member knows that meeting or exceeding client and candidate expectations is the only acceptable level of performance.

Due to this cultural orientation and the proven success of our business model, TCG is the only HR-specialized search firm that guarantees its results in writing!

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