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“The Christopher Group thoroughly vets and prepares candidates end to end and are motivated to see both its clients and candidates succeed long-term. Having worked with them several times as a client and a candidate, the experience is high-quality and well-managed from both perspectives.”

Jonathan Turner

Senior Director, Talent Management, Honeywell

Expert HR Consulting


To be the leading provider of Agile HR Business Solutions, helping dynamic businesses create innovative, inclusive, and high-performance organizations



To be the fastest-growing, value-added, transformative, and innovative human resources solutions provider


The Christopher Group’s Consulting Services Division is a global organizational consulting firm that helps institutions of all sizes with systems, tools, and processes to deliver effective human capital solutions and leadership and helps them retain, motivate, engage, develop and compensate their people.  

The Consulting Services Division embodies the definition of Innovation (In~no~va~tion: a new idea; a new method). The Consulting Services Division is disrupting the HR Consulting space first through its structure and secondly, through the value it provides to its clients.


Structure is an arrangement and organization of interrelated elements in a material object or system.  This is one of the key differentiators in our model as compared to other HR consulting Firms whether they are a Big Box or Boutique Consulting firms.  It is a purposeful combination of internal and external subject matter experts that is comprised of a Steering Committee/Advisory Board of 20 + current and former World Class CHRO’s from some of the world’s most progressive HR organizations and academic institutions,  6 Practice Head Specialists with deep functional expertise and world-class resumes aligned with our practice areas in  HR Audit – Compliance – Labor/Employee Relations, Diversity Equity Inclusion & Engagement, Talent Management & Organizational Effectiveness, Total Rewards & HRIS, Talent Acquisition, and the CHRO Academy, a CHRO finishing school/accreditation. And finally, a team of 200+ Project Execution Partners with equally impressive resumes and functional expertise that embrace the gig economy that thrives on the work itself.  

The Consulting Services Division is changing the landscape of top tier HR consulting services by providing far superior consulting / project leaders without the bloated infrastructure of the big box traditional consulting houses.

A Closer Look into the Gig Economy

“Have you ever felt like a circus performer walking on a thin steel wire high above the crowd?” That’s how Jennifer, an independent consultant, responded when asked to describe her work in the seven years since she left a global consulting firm to put out her own shingle.  She felt the void between assignments; she felt the exhilaration of landing her next project, the discipline required to balance between the two, and the realities of mastering her profession.  Circus performers seem to take huge risks, she explained, they appear to be on their own but they are not.  There is a safety system of nets, equipment, and fellow performers that supports them.   “They appear to be on a tightrope alone but they are not” This is where TCG Consulting Services comes in.  We provide the equipment, nets, and support metaphorically.  TCG’s C.S.D. provides a common language, delivery model, back-office support, marketing, best practices, knowledge transfer, intellectual property, and a network for the best and brightest independent consultants that thrive under the leadership of dedicated (TCG) practice heads along with the wisdom and counsel of an advisory board that is composed of some of the best HR minds in the world.  

Core to all of our practices is the concept of simplicity. Over the years, organizations have become more complex.  The first step towards growth and innovation is agility and simplicity.  We work with leaders and teams to transform their organization enabling greater efficiencies, lower costs to become more innovative.

Value Proposition

There is an ongoing debate in business that extends beyond the boundaries of freelance HR consulting. Is it best to shop big business or is there value in investing your dollars into smaller, more specialized companies? That same question applies to Boutique Consulting Firms vs. the Big Box Firms. The question is what are you gaining when you choose to go with one type of firm over the other? And what are you sacrificing?

We believe that the value proposition (decision process) can be broken down into three categories:

1. Cultural Differences

Unless a company works tirelessly to maintain a strong corporate culture, it often becomes watered down by the bureaucracy of largeness. Smaller firms tend to have a culture of adaptability while big companies tend to move more slowly in the adoption of new methods and change. However, the bulge bracket firms have a prestigious reputation for excelling in their field over a  long time period of time.

One of the pivotal benefits of working with a Boutique HR Consulting Firm is that they tend to have a distinct culture that your business can either identify with quickly or determine that you don’t have a proper fit. So, why is the culture of a consulting agency relevant to your business?

Culture is a good indicator of the inner habits of our freelance HR consulting company; a glimpse of their strengths from a fundamental subconscious level.

2. Type of Service/Specialization

Understanding what kind of process a consulting company will take you through is as important. In the world of specialization, a boutique consulting firm might focus on a narrower area of expertise such as Human Resources and can have a much greater impact in that area than a big box firm.

Although a Big 5 firm will generally have a broader supply of consultants to work with based on the specific nature of your challenges.  Our Consulting Services Division has innovated to do things differently to create a niche model of both internal (100%TCG Resources) and external capabilities (the largest collection of independent HR consultants in America ), intellectual property  (an Advisory Board of the best and brightest current and former CHRO’s) and solutions that are second to none.  We have adapted our tools, frameworks, and solutions to support business outcomes in the area of Human Resources, it is all we do!

3. Cost

Cost tends to be one of the major turn-offs with a Big 5 HR consulting Firm. After all, those lodges and impressive offices in major metropolitan cities do not come cheaply. That and the key players who tend to sell you on a project (the Partners and Senior Level Staff) tend to pass it off to their subordinates and take all the glory. Smaller Boutique Consulting Firms tend to be flatter from an organizational structure stand-point. You can bet their key-players are going to be diving headfirst into your work. Your relationship and feedback will be more authentic throughout the life of your project.

The simple truth is, there are times to choose a major player and times to go with a specialized freelance HR consulting firm.

Our Numbers:

  • CHRO’s, Practice Leaders, Project Consultants =  250+
  • Years of Corporate HR Experience = 6000+
  • Corporations Represented = 1250+
  • Performance Guarantee = 100%

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